Sunday, April 10, 2011

if you're interested

i do have a tumblr that i share with a friend:

OH MY GAAAWWWDDD... most hectic weekend ever, i spent 13 hours with MARCUS GRAYHAM, who is an aussie actor - underbelly, chamrmed, city homicide, etc - so its been good to grab some of his stories and tricks over the two days....

its really made me think about my life, where im going, who i am, experiences ive had...

and i dont know.... about much.

but one thing is for sure - i'd really like to do something 'out of albury'... and piss off. i just cant grasp the fact that people want to stay here. for the rest of their lives. get married, have kids.... IN ALBURY. I think its the biggest waste of life.... fucking hell.

i should go, or ill start expressing how i feel over the internet.


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