Sunday, August 1, 2010


Clothing is like paint. We paint ourselves everyday in new colours, textures and styles. We can’t wear the same paint too often and we certainly judge everyone else’s painting abilities… or lack thereof. Some people (nudists) can live without paint, others deign to slop paint on themselves each morning (normal folk) and then there are the paint nuts (me, and possibly you) who get a glint in their eye, similar to that of the mentally unstable, when sales are announced and that pair of boots you’d chew your right arm for... have been reduced.

But seriously, fashion and couture is something i take great intrest (and pride) in and i think, especially in Albury, there is a significant lack of the stuff. Lagerfeld's "KARL WHO" bags would be a hit seller ;)

Oh and i also want a Herm├ęs Birkin bag. i understand they start at US$7500 and at 16 i think i'll wait.... a couple months.