Friday, August 29, 2014

bad seed


                 Year flew past, I have 7 weeks left of my degree and so much rage in my soul for this systematic wank we call tertiary education.....
I'M NOT A 20-SOMETHING METRO-ANARCHIST WHO HEAVILY INVLOVES MYSELF IN PUBLIC PROTESTS... but I do hold a speck of repulsion to my degree and my government respectively...

               We had a dinner party on Monday night and the inevitable table-topic of politics came up.... notice by my passive, passive-aggressive air? I'm obviously left wing. I think of Aus politics as a dichotomy (LaborvLib)wherein the idiom 'lesser of two evils' will never apply anymore.

                Nick Cave is cross. He doesn’t feel like Siri ‘gets’ him.
I don't want this post to be on politics though.. I hate love the stuff.. I just wanted to address my angst re my degree.. its come of a time where kids will cheat cause they want the grade over the education.


jump topic| I went and saw 20,000 days on earth last night (Nick Cave Biopic)... most emotionally twisting/provoking//arousing thing I've seen in my outta school days... very igniting stuff... listen to higgs boson blues; I was in tears this time last year on a London to Melbourne flight, I listened to Push the Sky Away (hear here) - it was not a singer performing to you, but a for you kinda trip , ya know those ones?

keep feeling,