Sunday, January 9, 2011


for we are now in KUTA, bali! Kuta is the most popular and most busy busy busy part of bali. we're probbly going to stay here for 2 or more weeks, (no problems with that!) this place is amazing. i woke up this morining and went for a walk along the beach - i was NOT going to bring my self to jog) all the locals are soo nice here, its all about recognition on this island :) - then stopped at a hotel restaraunt and had fruit for breakfast- so fresh, i saw them pick the pineapple from the tree!! (OMG).

EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP HERE!!! ITS LIKE HALF THE AUSSIE PRICE!! WTF?! i got an ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR foundation for like $38 AUD. amazing. and the department stores are sooo big - the shoes almost took up a whole floor - the best bit it that none of the shoes are over $80 (excluding guess, steve madden, etc). the shoes are cool, but very 'asain stereotypical' - huge platform espadrilles, etc.

i got some chanel perfume for like $160 - for 'PARFUM'! omg - if you're a TWC girl you'd understand hahaha.

its very hot and muggy walking around each day. good though. i got a Frech Connection dress half price - was around $280 AUD! - that was their asking price! ahhh! good 2nd day.

i miss the normal australians also. everyone aussie here is just trashy.... every one's overweight wearing fu**ing BINTANG singlets. ahhhhhhhh.


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