Wednesday, November 30, 2011


SCHOOL IS OVER, UNI APPLICATIONS ARE IN, VCA AUDITIONS (AND CALLBACKS!?!?) ARE COMPLETE!! and now its time to fill my holidays with more blogging! (and drawing tanning, shopping and traveling - to Kuala Lumpur with a girlfriend for a week and a half for schoolies!)

In other news... IVE GONE PRIMAL! ive been living primally for about two weeks and i've never felt better! Reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price solidified my belief that “traditional” diets provide – historically and currently – the raw materials for healthy living. “Traditional” diets varied greatly from one corner of the globe to another – but they all relied on locally produced foods free of refined sugar, flour, and heavy processing. In general, the healthiest folks consumed a diet heavy in animal products from wildlife that ate and lived in harmony with their environment. These are values we can emulate today.

In short? Eat food as it occurs in nature. Eat meat and fat (yes, FAT!) from pasture-raised animal sources; enjoy cold-pressed plant fats from avocados, olives and coconut; use plenty of herbs & spices; eat lots of veggies. Variety is key. Lift heavy things and engage in quick, intense bursts of exercise a few times each week. Sleep. Be full, happy, and well. Simple. AND BRILLIANT!

Best Fishes,
Eva x

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