Wednesday, August 24, 2011

say hello to my newest buy


A J. Campbell inspiration, i came across these mofo's on 'solestruck' - (only the best online shoe store EVER). and the story begins....

So... two weeks ago, i was just about to buy my first pair of Christian Louboutin's (Ronlando, to be EXACT, 'wink, wink') for my grad... AND then i saw those two-toned chanel flats (i think Alexa Chung has?) and i was honestly SOLE-d (llllloooooollll) so. my plan was to buy them in Malaysia when they'd be AU$600 instead of AU$780 (duty free) BUT BUT BUT!!!!!!!! then i saw these cut out oxfords by 'minmarket' FOR ONLY $260!!!! YES BIGGEST WIN OF MY LIFE!! im always a bit iffy buying shoes over the net - but they seemed so 'alty-cool' that i just had to get them. so i bought them, and....... they should be on my feet WITHIN A WEEK!!

but im still looking into those Louboutins..................................;)

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