Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where's the black?

Hey.. and sorry for being away for a while.. I'm back from my 3 day getaway that I really did not have time for.. resulting in now being totally stuck, forcing my self to finish school work before next weeks deadline..

anyway Sydney was awesome and inspirational, the days totally flew by.. I'll get to go back in a few weeks, but before that I get to enjoy the first show of Through a Glass Onion showing at the Performing Arts Centre tomorrow. very excited.

visited so many placed, including NIDA and Sydney Theatre Company with the most amazing people, ate at some of the most amazing places and naturally did a lot of shopping. Now I'm finally back home with a photo filled laptop, so stay tuned. Some from nights-out, some the city, i also scored new Therapy boots and an overdose of oversized black things.

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