Friday, February 4, 2011

Trend Spotting

Hey guys. with autumn/winter fast becoming, i thought id let you in on some key trends for the next seasons looks. im going to sydney next week for my studies, and will be hitting the QVB for some serious retail therapy. (as if i hadn't done enough in bali hahaha) im trying to enroll in the "australian college of professional styling" to do a 12 month distance diploma of film, tv and fashion styling, hopefully to be completed by the end of year 12.... (i dont want to do it after school, as its waste of university time so its now or never) :)

Naturally, as 2011 rolls on, I'll continue to update fashionisers with new information, and more importantly new inspiration, for spring 2011's trends and how to wear them. So do check back often, and read on to find out what spring 2011 has in store....

-Eva x

#1 - SOPHISTICATED 70'S (vintage)
We all want that vintage vibe in our wardrobe. That essence of an era gone by. And we want to cherry pick the sleekest, sexiest, and most stylish looks from it. In recent years we've worn the best of the 20s and 30s, seen the rebirth and fading of an 80s come back, and we're just about to do it all again. But this time, its the 1970s that are due for a reinterpretation. However, i don't know wether to think its a shame we aren't all that inspired by 'naughties' style (the 2000's) or to enjoy the rebirth of vintage clothes!! im so glad my mums older. i can wear so many 70's couture and look like i've just walked out of NYFW. but only out of albury

#2 - PUNK

I like to write about certain kinds of fashion trends. Trends that marry all the qualities of an appealing lifestyle, that marry together quality craftsmanship, elegance and an an attitude towards a life that indulges the senses and you know roughly where my tastes lie. HOwever, there is just some style that i simply can't ignore. And that's because they have an impact on other trends that are important to me.

One such trend is punk - a trend that last emerged in 2010 and one that will continue to influence the fashion aesthetic of 2011 and potentially beyond. Partially filling the vacuum left behind by done and dusted trends, such as the likes of military, gothic and grunge, it's punk's ability to impact on other trends, such as 2011's motorcycle chic trend (the stronger and more versatile of the two trends), that makes it worth watching and noting. but only out of albury

#3 - 60'S LADYLIKE
It's no great accident that the popularity of Mad Men has coincided with a resurgence in early '60s fashion. in facet, im hearing it from the loungeroom at the moment! A sartorial inspiration to men and women alike, we've seen an avalanche of elements from the era spill over into fashion's impressionable mind; and the bulk of the torrent is yet to come. For women with hourglass figures like myself, 60's fashion can be extremely flattering.

So say bonjour to fuller figures and longer hemlines as the skirt and dress silhouettes of the late '50s / early '60s swing their way back onto the scene as a 2010 / 2011 fashion trend. YAYYYYYYYYYY. but only out of albury.

#4 - SHEER

And i mean Maxi Dresses! Want to start building up you 2011 wardrobe well in advance of spring 2011? Then put your money where i definatley would: on a fusion of maxi dresses and the sheer fashion trend. i found the perfect one at Gen Pants Company in Sydney. and under $80.

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