Sunday, June 12, 2011

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What is the meaning of life? A 1983 film by Monty Python. Is there life after death? As a consequence of one's mere being, the would has forver changed. one's legacy is one's existance. thus life after death. What amazes you about the world? That the world exists. That we exist. The power of music. Ideas. stories. art. babies. nature. time. space. evolution. What are you here for? To contemplate the past, consume the present and consider the future. Then challenge average and conservative ideas with action. Whats the most important stuff in your life? imagination and creativity. sharing and ideas. learning and laughter. Five words that sum up you values. Integrity. Generousity. Consideration. Loyalty. Humility. What motto sums up your approach to life? Work to become, not to acquire. you only have one life. for those people who read this - please, please... follow your dreams. Stay true to yourself. The best feeling is to accomplish what others say you cannot do.

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