Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Grey Coat Pictures, Images and Photos

Grey is the colour you go for when you feel in a good enough mood to not wear black, but the mood isn't quite good enough to tempt you into a more statement defining colour. I have far too many variants of black blazers it's almost irritating: I don't know how I accumulated so many black blazers (in different styles!) and yet not a single one is grey. I have a grey coat, like the first two images above, but a lot more formal -dressing down with it looks great because of the contrast but it's also hard to dress down because of it's strong structure. I'd love to the above coat, I would use and abuse it to no end.

Boyfriend Jeans:

I had a friend who only wore boy fit jeans and they completely suited her, partly because she wore them like she didn't know any other type of jeans existed. That's when my eyes were awoken to the beauty of boy fit jeans, and I now feel like revolting against skinny jeans, which aren't skinny enough for some people (the leggings as trousers people you know who you are): I want to be a bit more modest but chic (it is possible, just look at the below images).

Boyfriend Jeans Pictures, Images and Photos

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