Friday, November 5, 2010

pure charm

I've been thinking a lot about the fashion around my town lately and i hate to break it to______, but 'supre' and 'cotton on' simply arent 'fashion'. remember this; fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal.

Just like style is a form of self expression, many of us are guilty of indulging in beauty products and taking risks when it comes to hair and makeup, in which we sometimes regret.

So should we be taking inspiration and advice from magazines, beauty blogs or backstage at Paris fashion week?

I recently got my roots redone and went blonder for summer. which alse got me pondering...

Hairdressing is a multi million dollar industry, with thousands of salons operating worldwide. From a 70 year old man cut throat shaving in a barber shop, to a salon that serves champagne on arrival and haircuts cost more than a weeks rent.

To some, hair is just hair- you wash it and it grows. To others its a tool of reinvention, a bad hair day can make you want to crawl into a ditch and never come out, or at least until you wash and restyle.

i think its pretty rad that the 90's revival isn't just for the fashion, Heartbreak High has hit the streets with smudged eyeliner, undercuts, bindis, regrowth and nose piercings. Colouring your hair is the most common way of transforming your look, either semi or permanent your options are endless, ranging form chestnut brown to Fanta orange.

A bun or 'Top Not' has been hanging around the trend list for a couple of years. sooo many 15/16 year olds wear this daily... If you were a child ballerina like myself, you may have experienced your mother trying to wrangle every strand into place (extremely painful!) although bun's can look very flattering worn polished or disheveled, they highlight your facial bone structure and take 5 seconds to do.

The early 2000's saw the rise of the lipgloss but recently lipstick has been the favour for young women as compared to a gloss, there is more texture variety (matte,cream,frost) and the staying power is stronger which reduces reapplying. Colours to be seen this season are Berry’s, Dark Plum and Nude. Black recently had its moment in the spotlight, and wasn't only exclusive for Gothics - i recently purchased my first black lipstick on tuesday.

So whether your brave enough to go for the dye, or trial a new lipstick colour, remember confidence is key. Makeup and Hairstyles should reflect your personality and style, and never be taken too seriously.

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